Social media is a key part of building your business online, whether or not your business is totally online, has a brick-and-mortar physical presence, or is a combination of both.

The key part of online marketing is being consistent in your messaging to your customers, clients and prospects, both in the rate at which you post content and what sort of content you post. Your goal here is to have your audience look to you as an authority in your business area of expertise. Write about what you feel passionate and know best. Your knowledge and passion will certainly come across to your readers if you do so. Be sure you always include your business name, job title and a link to your business website along with your name, when you post content to social media.

Social media is an adjunct to your business website; it should not replace it or be a substitute for it. Think of your website as the “home base” of your online presence, and social media as spokes radiating outwards from that. It’s important that you have links on your website to all of your social media channels and, correspondingly, links on all your social media channels back to your website.

Besides writing your own blog posts and making comments on your social media channels, regularly comment on the material of others on their social media channels, especially as it relates to your area of business expertise. Repeating the point earlier, the goal here is to be seen as a leader and an authority in your area of expertise. Be sure to include with your comments, if possible, the name of your business and your website’s domain name, so readers can visit your website and read about your business further.

Always be looking to expand your social media universe, but don’t neglect local contacts and social media channels, as oftentimes those contacts are your most effective sources in bringing you new customers, clients and prospects. Always keep a mastery of the basics!

A note of caution: be careful about soliciting any direct requests to purchase your product or service in your communications with others on social media. Doing this too often will tend to result in your audience avoiding you. Rather, do “indirect marketing” using the steps discussed earlier, to lead prospects back to your website, where you can directly market your services to them there. View social media as a “lead in” to direct sales marketing of your product or service.

Following these basic steps will enable you to effectively use social media to grow your business. Good selling to you!

Building Your Business Through Social Media
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