You’ve gotten your business website built and launched. Now what?

As impressive as your website might look and as impressive as your content might be, your website will just sit there if you don’t get people visiting it. So how do you accomplish that?

The key to accomplishing this is consistency. Be consistent in communicating with customers and prospects. Be consistent in updating your website and posting new content. Be consistent in being the “go-to” or “resource” person in your field or specialty, especially in the local business community. If people don’t see your name and your business on a regular basis, you won’t be first in their minds when they have a need for your product or service.

Your goal here is to be seen as a leader and an authority in whatever field or specialty your business occupies. Prospects and customers need to see your name (as well as that of your business) appearing on a regular basis in blogs, news media articles, industry forums and other online (and offline) content that talks about the ideas, news events and trends that involve your business specialty. This way, when they have a need for your product or service, you’ll be the first one (or one of the first ones) who comes to mind to fill it.

Where can you start writing about your business? Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are two of the leading sources. But don’t limit it to just those social media channels. Look at other sources such as online newspaper articles, the local Chamber of Commerce’s website and the websites of local trade or service organizations. Focus in particular in leaving comments in the Comments section that often follows the articles that are posted on these organizations’ websites. Doing this consistently will lead to excellent brand and authority recognition for your business and for you as the business owner.

Over time, you will find your online community growing and developing, which is a key factor that will lead to more and more business for you. Answer the questions and provide the information that your customers and prospects need and want and you will find that new business will follow over time. You will be one of the authorities in your field of expertise, which is what all your customers are looking for in a business provider. Your business’s bottom line will then benefit from the consistent work of building your online community!

Building Your Online Community