Laptop Computer UserI’ve had several prospects over the years reply to me when I’ve approached them and state “My business is going great now. Why do I need to invest time and money in a website? Customers are coming to me regularly. A website would just be an extra expense I really don’t need now.”

Excellent point they are making and one that deserves a reply.

While business might be going well for you right now, a good business owner always thinks and plans ahead for what the future might bring. What will you business be like a year from now? Two years from now? Five years? A great business today isn’t always a guarantee of a great business tomorrow, oftentimes through no fault of your own as the business owner. Smart business owners realize this and are regularly marketing their business and reaching out to new prospects, even when business is good. And one of the best ways to do this is through a healthy, up-to-date website. A great website will build your business today AND for tomorrow by promoting you, your products, your expertise and your business story online to a global, national, or even just the local community where your clients and prospects live. It’s also a great communication tool to keep in touch with your customers and let them know what’s going on that’s new in your business. This will keep your current customers engaged, as well as being a great tool to attract new ones.

Furthermore, the business world is cyclical. Our nation regularly goes through something called “the business cycle”, which is an ongoing period of economic growth and expansion, followed by one of economic contraction. While the reasons for the business cycle have been debated by economists, reporters and historians for several decades now, the bottom line for you and your business is that while things may be going well for you now, they can (and often will) be going NOT so great for you several years down the road, due to a variety of factors beyond your personal control. A strong, robust website and online presence, while not guaranteeing that you won’t go through lean times ahead, will help lessen the impact of those economic downturns by making sure that you and your business remain visible and have a high profile and presence among your customers and prospects. And the time to build up that online presence is NOW, when times are good and you have the resources to put into your website and online brand.

Business is going well for you right now, and that’s something to celebrate. But don’t neglect your website and online marketing footprint! Those resources, invested in today might be the critical difference in keeping your business on a sound and growing path later on, while other businesses that DIDN’T invest in these resources when times were good won’t have that same advantage yours does. Keep your eye on how your business is doing today, of course, but don’t neglect where you and your business might be a few years from now. Invest in your website and online marketing today, to KEEP reaping the rewards of your hard work tomorrow!


Business is Great Now … Why Do I Need a Website? – James Duclos