Computer, notebook and pen imageMany business owners fall into the habit of getting a great website built and published, only to leave it orphaned – just sitting there, rarely getting new content placed on it or removing old content that is out of date or no longer relevant. As a business owner, don’t fall into this habit!

Make sure that your website stays noticed and viewed by customers, clients and prospects by adding new content to it regularly. This new content can be in form of blogs, new products or services, or upcoming events your business is hosting, participating in or sponsoring. It could be in the form of satisfied customer reviews or endorsements from key business leaders or industry associates. It could also be a survey or feedback form asking customers for feedback on a particular product or service your business is offering.

Be creative here! Imagine your company’s website as a storefront being viewed by passing motorists. What new message or sign will draw the interest of those passing motorists? Your new message or sign on your website is what will make sure your site keeps getting noticed by new visitors, and keeps returning visitors coming back to view it. If the “storefront” never (or rarely) changes, it will eventually get ignored, which in the world of the internet means fewer and fewer new and repeat visitors.

Ongoing visitor traffic is a key metric in how search engines rate a website. If you aren’t putting new and fresh content on your website (in the form of new pages and posts, links, pictures, etc.), then eventually search engines will stop paying attention to it, since nothing new is appearing. Don’t let this happen! Make sure you are adding new content regularly to your website, and that your web designer is making sure search engines “see” it. 

A static website will eventually be ignored. Make sure your website is regularly growing, building and evolving into the important marketing tool it should be for your business by making sure you add good, quality content to it regularly. You, your customers and most especially your bottom line will be glad you did!

Don’t Leave Your Website Stale … Add New Content Regularly! – James Duclos