Web marketer and consultant Ray DelVeccio has recently written an excellent blog entitled “Four Truths of the Business World.” Ray tells us:

My dad is a businessman.
Without him directly teaching me, I’ve learned quite a bit through observation of his path.
His career started as a carpenter for home construction. He then worked at the Navy yard in Philadelphia. He moved into the business realm as a warehouse employee.
His work-ethic caught the attention of the boss and earned him a promotion to a managerial role.
Eventually, he ascended to executive positions at several companies.

The thing is, while we have many similarities, there are also extreme differences in our personalities.
Stubbornly, it took me a long time to absorb the lessons that I should have known from day one of freelancing!
With that in mind, I want to share with you four fundamentals of business that are now firmly stuck in my mind.


Four Truths of the Business World