Today’s guest blog comes from Web Designer and Internet Marketer Ray Delvecchio:

Look around and notice how the people close to you act.

Do they spend their time, money, and energy on getting better?

Or does it go towards vanity and entertainment like politics, celebrities, clothes, cars, gadgets, etc.?

Now apply this to yourself. Are you living up to your standards?

The core of breaking free from the system is investing in assets.

From my vantage point, most people have their priorities backward and buy liabilities.

They won’t spend $10 on a non-fiction book, but dropping $300 for a new toy is built into the budget.

They’ll start a project but will quit after the first problem instead of finding the answer online.

I see this with below-average clients, too. They throw dollars at a problem, complain when the results don’t come, yet won’t set aside one hour to improve their skills as a business owner.

They are stuck working on day-to-day tasks because they are unorganized and don’t manage people well (including themselves).

Stop any negative momentum and start investing now.

What are your BEST assets?

Your brain – Most people stop learning and reading books, especially after getting a job.

Your health – You have a noticeable uptick in energy when you exercise and eat well.

Your relationships – Helping others is the best way to feel better when you’re down.

Your business – There is no better way to link your income to your efforts.

An online property – Start a website or blog to build an engaged audience.

An online product – With the right idea, you can scale worldwide, unlike any time in history.

Marketing knowledge – This is where almost all businesses fail.

Most people go with a clear cut path because it’s “less risk”.

Go to college, then get a job to climb the corporate ladder.

That’s not for me. And the last few months have shown that’s not going to be standard for much longer.

I reject most social conventions that don’t have a good explanation.

My #1 goal is to have 100% control of my time.

I’m guessing you have the same desire, even more than adding zeros to your bank statement.

Make sure you take a step today, and every day, to get there.

– Ray

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Invest in Assets (Most People Don’t)