Hello business owners! Below is part of an interesting recent email from Ray DelVecchio, of the company Website Profit Course. In it, Ray posts an interesting story from one of his clients, who was contacted by someone from an online marketing agency called Hibu. Ray takes the story from there:

“Someone called me from “Hibu” and said that when she Googles “tree removal” in our area our business doesn’t come up and I just checked and it didn’t come up. Let me know what we need to do to get that fixed”

Below is my response:
Where did you search from?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this question. I probably didn’t explain clearly enough. Here are a few principles to understand about Google:

• Google results are individualized to YOU (it depends on dozens of factors, user location being a big one and also the person’s Google search history!)
• What I see is going to be different than what you see vs. what the Hibu person saw
• Google is constantly testing & changing, so there is no way to be at the top, all the time, everywhere

The BEST way to improve your rankings is by doing 3 things below… the first 2 are hard, they aren’t checklist tasks, it requires action from people other than you or me.

• 1 – Encouraging more reviews, especially on Google 
• 2 – Get links from other local or industry websites. Sometimes these links require you to pay or join a membership (i.e. chamber of commerce), or build a relationship with these organizations
• 3 – New photos to keep the Google Business page active

The quick backstory is we’ve been working on launching an email list for 3-4 months (they have 500 customer emails in a spreadsheet). The tech side is built and ready right now. The holdup is their approval. And instead of approving it, they are concerned with an impossible immediate fix on Google to a problem that likely doesn’t exist.

There are two big lessons:

1) Most clients think when they search Google, the results look the same to everyone in the world (they don’t understand dynamic results)

2) Most people have a short-term mindset where they EXPECT a quick solution when their results aren’t perfect. That sidetracks them from implementing any type of long-term strategy.

It doesn’t work that way. You can’t snap your finger, and then Google puts you #1 forever. Success is a years-long campaign that never ends. You’re always at risk of slipping. No one wants to hear that, which is why you must tell your clients this harsh truth.

And make sure you internalize the same lesson for your freelancing or online business – stick with a process long enough, and you’ll surprise yourself!

Excellent lesson from Ray! Google search is something you continuously have to work on developing. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s NOT the same for each person. Keep those things in mind as you work to build a better search experience for your business!

Search Results are Relative to Each Person
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